Episode #4: Paper Cutters & Paper Cutting Tips

In this episode of Ink It Up with Jessica tv we’ll explore different types of paper cutters. I’ll show you the three paper cutters that I use on a regular basis and which paper cutters are best for different projects.

Cutting your paper straight is key to putting together beautiful cards. Watch this episode for tips that will make sure you get a straight cut every time.

We all have paper cutters that are our favorites and have tried ones that just don’t work for us. What kind of paper cutter do you use and does it meet all of your paper cutting needs?  Leave a comment and let’s talk paper cutters!

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Jessica Taylor

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  • I use the old Fiskars but after seeing this video may have to purchase the Stampin Up cutter. I also like the idea you can switch to the rotary cutters as well.

  • I use an X-Acto Guillotine style cutter and when cutting a lot of the same size paper for cards, I use a straight edge taped in place so I know my cuts will all come out the same. I do have a Fiskar that I use when making only one or two cards, but when making mass cards, the Guillotine style comes out!!

  • Hi Jessica, great video – thank you!

    Paper cutters, boy, let’s see. My all time favorite is Tonic guillotine for cutting thick cardstock. I typically use only 120# heavy weight for the exquisite feel of a card base. Prior to Tonic I was using Purple Cow guillotine and rotary types, which I also loved, and it had many different design rotor wheels that came with it. However, the thick cardstock I use kind of wore out the guillotine quickly (had about three of them over time) and the decorative rotor blades only seemed to work well on thin dp, not cardstock.
    For a lightweight paper cutter (not for the 120# weight card) I use a Fiskars 6″ base trimmer, and I love it. It’s great for quick cuts, you can really see where the cut will be, it has a pull out extension arm and the blade has a locking feature. I have used it with some 80# cardstock, but not on a regular basis. I use it mostly for thinner dp.
    Best wishes!

  • I have a Carl that I love. I use this when cutting stacks of card stock for classes. I can cut 15 sheets of CS at one time. Talk about a time saver. It’s not exactly portable so I also use a Fisker wire cutter. The wire is great for lining up exact cuts. I have vision problems so it’s hard for me to judge where to cut when I’m trying to cut a certain place on the paper instead of cutting particular inches. I also use the Stampin’ Up! trimmer.

    • I had a Carl cutter for awhile, but I just could not get it to cut straight! My card stock always shifted. Glad that you like it, because it can cut a lot of card stock at a time and that’s always a plus when you are prepping a lot.

  • I have several cutters but never get a straight cut. Will try always pushing toward the paper like you suggested.

  • So glad to see this excellent video! Took me a few days to watch it, thinking what else do you need to know except cut it straight? This taught me a lot of things, however, & I’m so glad you did it. Learned a lot about SU trimmer. I’ve tried many, including Cuttlebug, Creative Memories & Fiskers. My favorites are 2: the small, 4″ Creative Memories trimmer and the older 6″ Fiskers Wire Trimmer. They both cut straight and I’ve had fewer crooked cuts. If I ever need a new one, I might go for the SU trimmer now that I’ve seen your video. Thanks!

  • I have the Genesis cutter. Thank you for the tip on cutting towards the ledge. Cutting the other way, even though I think I am holding my paper firmly, it sometimes is off just a hair.

  • I use a very low-ticket Fiskars cutter and haven’t always been happy with the results. It never occurred to me to be sure to cut toward the ledge. Thanks for the tip.

  • I have always used my trimmer upside down. I wonder if it’s because I’m left handed? Thank you for your video.

  • Vicki, definitely just try your score board it’s so handy, but if your trimmer has a groove you can se an emboss tool or bone folder along that groove for scoring 😉

  • Thank you Jessica for the handy tip…I will now cut up with the blade from now on…and then I will always have straight edges…love my trimmer…is better than the one I had…have a great week.


  • I use the SU one and have the rotary attachment for it as well. I do find I need to clean out the little cutting trough frequently to keep it working smoothly, but love it otherwise. I have Fiscars as well, and a guillotine as well – all survived the fire though they don’t all look beautiful. Ordered new SU before I realized the old one was useable, so am well stocked.

  • Thanks for your informative email. I have a new SU cutter just like you demonstrated. What causes a rough cut? I often get then and the paper is just ruined. It happens with SU cardstock as well as cardstock I purchased at Michael’s.