Episode #31: Quick Cards from 12×12 Paper

Do you have stacks and stacks of 12×12 pretty papers that you’ve been hoarding? Maybe you are saving them for “something special” or you don’t know what to do with them or maybe you’re just scared to cut into them because you might ruin them.

Don’t be afraid to cut into your pretty papers!  That pretty paper will be so much more valuable when you cut it up, make it into cards and send those cards to your friends. Really, you can make QUICK cards from 12×12 paper and you will seriously make someone’s day when they find a handmade card from you in their mailbox!!

In this episode of Ink It Up! with Jessica TV I’ll show you how to quickly cut up your 12×12 paper and make it into 12 cards. Card making doesn’t have to take all day. It won’t take you long to cut your paper into 12 of the same size pieces to make cards like these…

Quick Cards from 12x12 Paper

A One Sheet Wonder is where you take ONE sheet of paper and make it into many WONDER-ful cards! It’s so much easier to cut into a pretty piece of paper when you know what you are going to do with each piece of it. For the cards above I used the six designs from the Schoolhouse Designer Series Paper pack from Stampin’ Up! and made each piece of 12×12 paper into 12 of the same cards.

Use this Quick One Sheet Wonder Template with ANY 12×12 paper you have! You can see from the cards above that there are lots of different ways to add your greeting. Circle punch-outs, banners, straight card stock or you can even stamp your greeting right on your patterned paper!

Print out this One Sheet Wonder Template for reference and watch this episode to learn how to use it. You’ll be making cards with your 12×12 paper in no time!


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